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Over past years, we have delivered extensive Apple Macintosh and PC-related hardware, software applications, other applications, operating systems, training and high-level and Microsoft CTEC technical training services.  We have supplied all major computer equipment brands including, but not limited to, Apple, Compaq, IBM, and Hewlett-Packard, while also supplying a full line of computer peripherals and accessories.  As a full-service computer dealer, we offer customer support over the entire life cycle of the customer’s computer system, thus reducing the total cost to the user.  As computer hardware becomes much more powerful and less expensive over time, it is truly the knowledge of the software that adds value to the user’s experience and delights the customer.  We have supplied a wide assortment of all software including common operating environment software applications and other popular applications.

Service and Support
Our computer service and support has included training instruction, telephone support assistance, technical repair, networking, hardware/software configuration, technical support, warranty repair, and consultation.  Our associates’ certifications have included A+, Apple Certified Technicians, Accredited Compaq Technicians, and Microsoft Certified Professionals, Systems Engineers, Solution Developers, and Trainers.

In the past, Computer One has invested approximately 7% of employee payroll in associate training annually, which is over five times the average investment made by American corporations in this important Human Resource area.  This investment has touched all associates at all levels in Computer One.  This is in sharp contrast to the rest of corporate America which traditionally invests a mere 1.3% of employee payroll in associate training which benefits only the top 10% of all company personnel.  This attribute allows our knowledgeable sales, service, support and training personnel to help customers quickly solve infrequent and painful problems which arise across many different software applications and hardware platforms.

For over 13 years we’ve provided both Macintosh and PC computer software training services and other technical training to commercial and national laboratory customers including Sandia National Laboratories.  We develop within each student the specific skills he or she needs to be more confident, more efficient, and more productive on the job.  Our teaching methods ensure the development of relevant job skills needed to stay technically competent and versatile in today’s mercurial workplace.  Our Just-In-Time training system has been proven to work effectively and consistently at an average annual Customer Satisfaction Index of greater than 90%.

Our classes use a performance-based adult training, which helps students gain increased confidence in their ability to perform outlined objectives.  Each topic of the course is introduced individually and reinforced by hands-on exercises.  The benefits of our computer software training classes are: 1) to increase professional growth, 2) increase personal growth, 3) improve job performance, 4) enhance promotion potential, and 5) provide increased independence. 

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