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Computer One has been a full-service computer dealer, selling, servicing, supporting, and training on Apple Macintosh and PC computers in New Mexico since 1987.  We are a small, woman-owned New Mexico corporation.  The cornerstone of Computer One's success rests on extensive associate training and strategic planning to address the many challenges confronting the company and computer industry.

Computer One is a progressive company committed to quality and customer satisfaction as our number one goal.  Customer Satisfaction is an especially strong area in Computer One's quality process.  Regular customer input, in which we track information and metrics over time for improvement efforts and improved response, serves as the means for assessing performance.  Problems and complaints surface quickly through the many communication vehicles Computer One has in place to gain insight into the customer’s existing and emerging needs.  Management and staff continually work together to find innovative ways to deal with new issues as they arise.  At Computer One, it is acceptable to identify, measure, and resolve non-conformances so we learn and do better next time.

In our many years of business, our team has had the opportunity to learn by doing.  As a strategic computer supplier to national laboratories for over ten years, we have been a leader in pioneering and establishing new value added services and we have set the standard for years to which other contractors have been held.  We have shared our outstanding customer feedback system with other contractors at Sandia National Laboratories’ request to teach them what we have learned.

Computer One strives to differentiate itself by implementing a three-way winning relationship comprised of the manufacturer, the dealer, and the customer.  Both manufacturer and dealer are allied by working together to benefit the customer for the greater good.  We are grateful for our many successes including Sandia National Laboratories' Just-In-Time contracts and look forward to future continued success.

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